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"Chaps" Northern Saw-whet Owl

A mere 7 inches (18 cm) from the tip of his bill to the end of his tail, the Northern Saw-whet owl is the world's third smallest owls. This particular owl was found on the ground outside their office by friends of my grand-daughter. The bird appeared to have been stunned and/or injured.

A valiant attempt to rehabilitate this beautiful creature was alas unsuccessful but fortunately our friends managed to get some pretty decent close-up shots which allowed me to draw a detailed likeness of 'Chaps" as he became known.

The name stemmed from the pose in this drawing. If you look closely you can see that the feathers in front bear a marked resemblance to a pair of sheepskin cowboy chaps.

"Chaps" has an incomparable stare which I tried hard to capture. Hopefully you'll be able to almost feel his presence...

CJ Oakley Designs

Pacific Wren

A glance at the expression in the eye of this wren, rendered here in pencil, reflects her highly territorial nature (or is she a he - I wonder?).

A tiny, furtive resident of the Pacific Northwest, the recently renamed pacific wren (formerly referred to and still known elsewhere as the winter wren) can often be seen darting from branch to branch near the bottom of hedges and shrubs.

At least, that's generally where I see them. I have encountered the odd one flitting about amid the flotsam and jetsam at the beach too. Wrens are amazingly beautiful little birds - and I must confess a personal favourite of mine.

Framed against "coastal" navy, a robust 6.5 ounce, medium-weight Italian linen, the tiny, rounded little gem with his jaunty upturned tail peers intently out from the confines of the 100% unbleached muslin background. This generous 20 inch square throw pillow boasting a soft, sumptuous 3 inch flange invites you to rest your head and simply let go.

CJ Oakley Designs

Violet Green Swallow

Reproduced from one of my original drawings, the sleek lines of this male, violet-green swallow are as breathtaking as the hues his name suggests. Set against a brilliant, stark white backdrop, that reaches up and behind the eye - this striking swallow, once seen, is not easily forgotten.

My hope is that when you look at this drawing you'll experience the same deep sense of oneness with nature that I do when I'm out and about birdwatching, sketching and taking photographs.

Feel the soft summer breeze caress your cheek as you curl up on your chaise for a well-deserved afternoon nap, your head luxuriously nestled against the timeless, stone-washed feel that only fine linen can provide.