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I received the draft of the new cover this morning – here it is alongside the two older versions – would you help me out by voting for the one you like best?

I’m aiming for a look that indicates the book is;

a) a mystery
b) is about a red-haired girl about ten years old
c) is suitable for readers ages 8 – 11 years old
d) takes place on the coast
e) has something to do with treasure; and
f) grabs your attention (or at least that of the young reader 🙂

Thanks a bunch!

BRYN MORGAN AND THE MYSTERY OF SINCLAIR COVE BOOK COVER scaled 194bryn morgan covermichelle2scaled 194

Teaser – Bryn Morgan and the Secret of Peter Island

Mags took a deep shuddering breath and let it out slowly. Clutching the gate with both hands she struggled to steady herself. “Y—You don’t know—do you?” she asked finally finding her voice.


“Know what?” Bryn shot back, “what is it I’m supposed to know?”